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Related post: Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 08:57:35 EDT From: Subject: OSKAR AND TOMMY - 3WARNING: This story is homoerotic in content. This means that it may and probably will involve male on male sex of various ages. If this sort of thing offends you europeans preteens nude then what the hell are you doing reading Nifty/Gay. Also note that my characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are FICTIONAL. You must preteens voyeur real be above the Age of Consent in your particular area of the planet to read this sort of stuff and you should NEVER allow minors access but you knew that anyway.These are stories of youth and boys and once again they are FICTIONAL. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is PURELY COINCIDENTAL.Another point: I like to write on behalf of the boys but you must realise if they sound a bit smartarse and over world weary at times that is me coming through. If they sound as thick as a plank... that's them.Finally: Enjoy. If you have spare please donate a little cash to NIFTY. Keep NIFTY free and keep NIFTY alive. OSKAR AND TOMMYChapter 3 - God or GoatbyG. CutterHi, the name's Pavlo and I live just outside Kiev (or Kyiv) which is the capital of the Ukraine for the non geographically minded. I'm fifteen and drop dead gorgeous with a swinging seven inch cock, now all the droolers that read Nifty preteen white undies are well pleased. pre teen thai Well... er, not really. The drop dead gorgeous still applies as all teenies think they're DDG and I'm pretty standard. My dad reckons I'm the byblow of a wandering Red preteen model undressed Army soldier which pleases ebony preteen models mum no end, I have to presume it's one of his little jokes, she never takes it to heart anyway just calls me Ivan to upset him. This is because I'm the dark skinned gypsy type and they're both the blonde fair haired Nordic types, I daren't say Germanic or they'll go nutty. I suppose I'm stocky, sloppy, a bit of an untidy slob and as I've said fifteen so what else is there. Oh, yeah. Uncircumcised noodle and around the five inches or whatever at full stretch so not too bad for my age and size plus a good set of pubics I might add. OK, that's the basics.We live in Tripolji which is just down the M04 from Kiev right on the river Dneiper outlet which is handy as my dad runs the water treatment plant, when I say he runs it he's the top manager so we have a nice lakeside house which used to be a politician's dacha and we're pretty well off, a car, a sailing boat and a skiff, just a few creature comforts. Tripolji is very much a company town more a hamlet really but Obuchov is just up the road and it's a quick drive from there on the motorway to Kiev. We get a fair few tourists trickle down from Kiev as the boating and fishing is an attraction and enables me to follow my hobby which is ogling the Russian, German and Czech kids who visit. Before you think weird boy, most of the shoreline around here is nudey designated. Nudism or naturism is an encouraged business hereabouts and camping and caravaning is very much a growth industry. During the holidays I spend hours, even days up in the dunes with pals ogling the visitors, they eyeball the girls and I watch the boys but I don't tell them that for obvious reasons.In his spare time my dad is one of those modern men, he takes photos, bootlegs tapes and DVDs and anything that will turn in a few hryvnya which is our currency, we use roubles as well which are easier to spell. Dollars, Euros and GB Pounds are grist to our mill, you got 'em, we'll spend them for you. As I've said my dad's into photography in a big way but he calls it a hobby. He does nearly all our school functions in Obuchov, local weddings, anniversay days, everything and anything. He just loves his cameras, everytime I sit down for a cup of tea he's clicking away, he drives my mum barking mad but that's him.To get to the story. This was a Friday lunchtime, we were on the long summer break and we were due a guest who was going to cramp my spying and ogling. It was a boy and an eleven year old one at that. Symon Lychenko was the son of another Water Board Manager who worked north of Kiev, his mother was deceased and his father was his sole parent. Unfortunately, Mr Lychenko was in the Army Reserve and had been called up for the regular Summer maneuvers which would leave Symon all on his ownsome for a month and what was the solution? Get on the phone to fantasy stories preteens nude banned preteen his old buddy, my dad. Dad being as soft as a pudding immediately agreed thinking that all I was short of was an eleven year old to cart around over the holiday period. Needless to say I wasn't too happy but I put a good face on it, I'd never had an eleven year old all to myself and my dirty mind was thinking of cool things to do. Most of them revolved around what happened after bedtime but that's between you and I for the moment.'Where have you been?' My mother snapped as soon as I went into the house.'Wandering around,' I flopped onto a kitchen chair and looked at the table. All the best china, cakes, sandwiches, it was a feast. preteen models asses 'Guests?''Ha ha,' she scowled and patted her hair into place and then dad came in and even he was looking tidy.'Oh great. My son the tramp,' he looked at me and frowned. 'I told you the Lychenkos would be here at midday.''You didn't say to dress up,' I sprawled in the chair giving them a bit of the teeny angst, I'd been practicing and they loved it... I think.Before he had a chance to sail into me a car drove up and into our dusty driveway in a cloud of crap. It had a company decal on the door and when the driver got out in Army uniform it was pretty obvious who it was but I was more concerned with the passenger. This weedy kid got out and looked around slightly bewildered and probably as nervous as hell. My heart went out to him, he was sweet. Well, not sweet but you know what I mean. Light brown hair and skinny as a rake, he looked like a puff of wind would take him away. I tried not to look too big and butch, I didn't want to terrorise the preteen lotita sex kid.Mum and dad went to the door preteen toplists aex as this pair approached and I backed them up. Loads of hellos and handshaking as is our fashion and we got them in and seated. My mum was a great one for feeding everyone who visited like they were starving refugees. Little Symon was a mouse, he only spoke when spoken to it and was clear that his dad was very different to mine, it must have been the uniform. I thought Lychenko Senior was a dickhead but what do I know, he might have had a heart of gold. In the end we unpacked Symon's gear from the car not that he oldman rape preteen had a lot but he had a dirt bike strapped on the back which was a relief, at least he had wheels and could get around. I took him into my room to settle him in whilst the dads and mum chatted over a midday drink, he just stood there shell shocked. I suppose it was a bit of a surprise as dad used my bedroom for storing all his videos, tapes and all his photographic gear. My bed was buried under comics and magazines and the whole place looked pretty much like the local rubbish preteen nudist link tip.'Where's the bed?' He asked in a very small voice.'There,' I pointed to a mound of bedding and cast off clothing. 'We're sharing.''Oh.' He looked at me as if I was Ivan the Terrible of maybe Vlad the Impaler, one of those not so nice guys anyway. 'Together,' his voice rose into a squeak.'That's what sharing means, kiddo. Bed or floor,' I grinned. 'Your choice.'That was it, I'd already cleared him out cupboard space and I suppose we could have a tidy up. It just didn't cross my mind that other kids might have bedrooms as bedrooms, preteen nudes russian I was so used to the mess I never gave it a second thought.'You like videos?' He smiled at long last, then again it may have been an attempt at a joke.'My dad does them pre preteen girl and sells them,' I told him. 'But it's a secret if you know what I mean.''Gotcha,' he nodded knowingly. Every Ukrainian's a crook from an early age in case you didn't know and sidelines-R-Us in a manner of speaking.'Come on out lads,' my dad was on a roll. He had his bloody camera out and lined up Symon and his dad, then Symon and me and then mum and it went on for around half an hour. Lycheno even mustered a smile, he must have known my dad from old... well, of course he did, what a stupid thing to say. In the end he was on his way and I saw him slip Symon some money so he couldn't have been all that bad.'I'll take Symon for a ride around,' I told the parents. 'Get us out of your way for a bit.''Yeah, fine,' dad waved carelessly. 'Let Symon get out of his longies and shirt first, he doesn't want to cycle around dressed like a dog's dinner.' He preteen incest porn was right, Symon had jeans and a clean shirt on, not the sort of thing for dirt biking.'Come on Sy,' I led him back to my room and plonked down into the only chair. I think he was a bit embarassed but erotic preteen photos I pretended not to watch him as he replaced his shirt with a baggy t-shirt and dropped his clean jeans and struggled into a huge pair of shorts. I did spot that he had navy blue briefs on and was so slender and smooth that I popped a stiffy which I had to disguise.I suppose I should say here and now that I'm not a perv and I should have explained it earlier. I just like boy's bodies more than girl's. I don't go around having sex with boys neither have I preteen schoolgirl photos got a boyfriend or anything gay like that. I just prefer boys and Symon was bloody nice even if he was four years younger than myself and built like a wire coathanger. Having said all that crap I had shared preteen girls blowjob wankies with friends but no more that that, well, a circle jerk once but that was after a few cans over on our island but more of that later.We cycled from our place onto the sandy area between us and the river, the weather was nice and hot but with a slight breeze that rippled the water and was probably appreciated by the people out in their little sail boats. Symon was well pleased, at least he was beginning to relax a bit more and smile. Of course I wanted to get him stripped off and in the water but it was early days yet. I think he nearly passed out when we passed our first little group of boys and girls in their birthday suits but after I explained that this was a 'free range' he was OK. I told him that my pals and I usually stripped off and mingled but he didn't seem too keen. I could appreciate that and going from basic houseguest to outright nudist in one jump was preteen youth ar a bit too much plus he probably had a willy to go with his build, tiny I mean. Still, we'd get there with a little help from my friends I was quite sure, I took him down to the boat yard and showed off my dad's sailer and our skiff and the dhingy which was in the shed.I also took him to the little shop they had for the nudeys and we had cold drinks and just wandered about after sitting for a while surveying the passing bottoms. It was quite funny really, the guys from the water works just strolled about in their work gear and the nude kids ran around between them. Neither group took a blind bit of notice of the other.'Your dad seems a bit strict.' I suppose I was being a bit critical but I thought I'd mention it.'Nah,' he laughed like a little pixy (if you can imagine it). 'He goes all military when he gets his reserve uniform on, Senior Lieutenant this and Senior Lieutenant that, he's usually pretty laid back. top asian preteens When mum died a couple of years back he was really sad for six months or russian preteen naturalists so but he's coming back to life now. Even goes out now and then with a girl from the office.''New mum?' I really felt like a wally, I didn't know what to say.'Could be,' he grinned. 'She's quite nice, keeps bringing me gallery little preteens sweets and goodies.''She's serious then,' I laughed. 'My dad runs this place,' I pointed to the waterworks down the beach about two kilometres or so. 'His main hobby is photography, he takes pictures of everything so you can expect to be well snapped by the time you go home. I'll show you some on the laptop later.''You've got your own preteens archives sex computer?' He seemed surprised.'No but dad's more or less given up on the little one, me and my pals play games on it, he uses the big one which I'm not supposed to touch as it has all his work stuff on it.''What's with all the tapes and stuff in your room?' His voice dropped as if the KGB were around the corner.'He copies a load of stuff and sells it on but keep quiet about that, OK?''Yeah, yeah.' I think the faint wiff of something illegal was turning him on as he was really opening up, he actually took the tent of a t-shirt off. Jeez, I just wanted to cuddle him, he was built like a little sparrow. I had mixed feelings, reason told me that he was eleven and a small eleven at that and he probably had a willy like a child but I wanted to see and I wanted to do other things.'Whassup, Doc?' He made like Bugs Bunny, the Ukrainiane version that is.'Just thinking deep thoughts, Little Brother.''I like that,' he giggled. 'Little Brother, very Russian, my dad won't speak Russian in the house.''Pick and mix around here,' I laughed and it was. Some spoke Ukrainian, some Russian but most the bastard language Surzhyk which is a Russo/Ukrainian mix and that has variations just to confuse things. As we talked we went from Russian to Ukrainian and back again, most of my mates did and it just depended on the mood. Nearly all my pals spoke some degree of English which was the 'highly encouraged' foreign language at school as well being the main means of communication in the European Union which we were desperate to join.'Come on, Sy. If we cycle back a bit my mates have set up an obstacle course, it's fun.''They around?''I think most of them have gone upto the top dunes down the way a bit, they spy on the nudey girls.''What for?''You'll know when you get older,' I ruffled his short hair which he seemed to keep extra long at the back. He just gave me a grin and picked his bike up, he might only be eleven but he goddess preteens wasn't dumb of that I was sure.We found the obstacle course that friends and myself had made and after a gentle run around with Symon we then began to take it at speed. He was good for a shrimp and I was quite impressed. I didn't tell him as I didn't want him getting big headed but we both came off a couple of times and in the end grazed and slightly bloodied we called it a day.'You nearly got the kiss of life there,' I remarked when he and his bike parted preteen movie amateur company for the last time.'Cheeky,' he giggled. 'That hurts,' he whinged when he got to his feet, the bike was rusha preteen models a bit bashed but nothing that a good hammering wouldn't sort out.'We'd better go home and get you bathed and fed.''I'm not a child you know,' he looked hotyoung little preteens at me. 'I am eleven.''Sorry, sir,' I laughed and we mounted up and were off. This time I fell behind partly to see if he could find his way back and partly to watch his sweet little bottom wriggle on his saddle. Sweaty and no doubt sweet. God, I was turning into a pervo.Of course I got some hassle from mum as if I'd been set on killing little Symon. Symon wisely kept his mouth shut and I got all the flak although I promised myself I'd have revenge sooner or later. The first little taste was when mum told him to have a bath as his grazes 'could kill', I'm not too all preteens model sure preteen ree how they could actually kill the brat and my lumps and bumps were ignored. My dad kept well clear and even had the sense to keep his camera out of the way. My master plan clicked as Symon went to bathe. I knew he couldn't lock the door as the lock was knackered but he didn't so I staged a barge in half way through claiming a need preteend almost nude to pee.'Eeek,' he gave a shrill squeal as I barged in and covered his groin with the sponge. He was standing and immediately sat in the water as I came in but not before I got a flash of his naked, soapy sheened body and pert little white bottom prior to the splash.'Don't worry, I've got one as well,' I tried to stiffle my laughter.'I'm not used to visitors in the bathroom,' he mumbled.'God knows how you're going to handle bed.' I gave him that thought to be getting on with. 'I'll show you how the laptop works after supper.''Cheers.''Give us a flash then,' I stood there daring him.'Bugger off,' his voice rose again and I left him to it, I'd get there in the end.After the evening meal we settled in my room, mum and dad were watching the television which was the preteen preteen uncensored usual crap of game shows and we left them red preteen videos to it.Dad had reminded me and I'd have to brief Symon that the Czech Zevro was visiting again. This time he'd have a mate and two German boys with him. He'd be russian preteen free taking photographs, filming and probably staying ten days or so. I remembered the last time and recalled that he did like the nudes and jumping around pictures, you know the stuff, swinging from trees and splashing about in the water... the 'good clean fun sort of thing', well, dad saw to that anyway.'Let's preteen strawberry sweet have a look at your dad's pictures,' Symon suggested and I was happy to go that way. Dad loved his swimming shots and maybe half naked boys with clinging underpants and speedos might turn my little room mate on a bit. He was fascinated, I don't think he'd seen that many boys before. When I did the actual naturist ones image board3cgiworld preteens he sat bug eyed watching a never ending parade of boy's bottoms, dicks and top preteen lesbians young girls tits. 'Whew, warm in here isn't it?''A lot of them are Zervo's from last year, he does the nudes. Dad's more into the snapshot type stuff.''Yeah,' Symon glanced at me. 'You'll have to tell me more about this guy... later.''Take some preteen board 3 clothes off,' I suggested. I didn't know if he was getting hot and bothered looking at the neverending pictures or it was the room which tended to get warm anyway. It was one of the rare rooms in the house that didn't have a window due to my dad having had an extension built which neatly took care of any preteens nudist bbs natural light or ventilation for that matter.He was still in his baggy shorts and shed his sandals and then flung that damn great t-shirt of his amongst the other junk on the bed, he gave me a bright smile and lay down in front of me as I in turn disposed of my shirt. I was getting a semi stiffy but managed to hide it as by then I'd also gone onto baggy shorts. He was so thin, I had the feeling that if a gave him a cuddle I'd snap him, the thought of actually doing something dirty receded somwhat, he was so childlike and I may have been a boy fancier but not a child lover.'Why does your dad take all these pictures?''He's a maniac, that's why,' I laughed and he giggled. 'Short answer is I don't know, he sends some of the decent ones to sites and passes the nudey ones to Clubs and the like.' To be perectly honest I had no idea real preteens gallery why my dad took so many pictures but he was into everything, copying videos, printing wedding pictures he even had a portfolio of Water Board machinery published somewhere. A man of many talents my dad and all of them apparently useless although we had a couple of boats and a decent car so he must be 'making' as they say.'That's a nice preteen 14 one,' he grinned at me and I could see he was having a bit of a laugh at my expense. The picture was one of me in my wet boxers and all I had was just about visible. I was as good as naked.'Well, you're sleeping with it tonight.' That shut him up.'What time do we have to go to bed.' This came fifteen minutes and about a hundred pictures later.'About eleven,' I replied looking at my watch. 'It's holiday so we can stay up later but mum and dad wind preteen virgin jpg down around midnight anyway.''Mmmm,' he grinned clearly pleased. 'Dad makes me go to bed around ten... I can stay up later if there's a film on though.''Go to bed when you like,' I stretched out confident now I had gone soft down below. I sometimes just lay there catching up on my comics until dad comes in and switches off the light, it saves me getting out of bed because it gets a bit cold in here later on.''It's warm now,' he contradicted me.'Now it is, you wait until later. Get in if you want to.' I'd realised that he'd done a fair bit of travelling and with the move down the poor little sod was probably knackered. He was. He looked at the bed in dismay until I leapt up and cleared all the magazines, clothing and other junk off nymphet trailerpreteensanal and then it looked quite the thing. I plumped the bbs preteen sun cushions up and waved my hand in an invitation. 'Your bed, sire!''Thank you,' he mumbled and then very self conciously dropped his long shorts and slipped into bed clad only in his little briefs that looked hardly larger that one of my dad's handkerchiefs. His tiny lump and his tight little arse drew my eyes like magnets, I could feel my penis thickening again, he had the body of a skinny undernourished little angel.I was still messing around with the laptop when my dad finally popped his head around the door and sighting Symon's recumbent preteen angeks nude form motioned me to bed down, he silently nodded good night and that was it. I shucked off my gear and just wearing my boxers switched the lights off and got into bed. Cautiously I snuggled in withdrawing as if burned when I felt Symon's body brush against mine. Stationing myself a few inches away I settle down for sleep. I must preteen s pussy have lay there for around half an hour befiore tiredness finally took it's toll and I dropped off.I don't know what time it was when I awoke next, the room was dark but there was a warm body snuggled up alongside me and I could feel the warm fan of breath on my chest. My little boy had come home to roost. Well, he'd cuddled up tight anyway. My feet touched his and his little trotters were freezing. I turned preteen feet my back on him not trusting myself and not wishing to spear him with my hardon and I felt pre teen nylons him move, the sly little sod was awake.'Mmmm...' He was pretending to be alseep but his breath was irregular, nn bakini preteen he was about to make a move and he did. He moved in close and tight and I felt his warm chest on my back and then his cold little feet on mine leeching my heat and one thing more... I could feel a little hard spike prodding me in the back of my boxers. I grinned in the dark and let him cosy up, there were worst ways to sleep believe me and I didn't think it too likely that he'd attempt rape unfortunately.This was all about timing and some while later preteen bodies nude when I felt that he'd probably slipped into a genuine slumber I slowly and carefully turned over to face him and then every so slowly a centimeter at a time slid my arm around him and held him loosely around his bony shoulders. He gave a contented snuffle like a small dog and I felt his smooth cheek press against my chest.'You're hard,' he whispered.'Can't help it,' I whispered back after I got over my surprise.'Thinking about the girlfriend,' he gave a little giggle and I'm sure he pressed his bare leg against my cotton covered erection.'Haven't got one,' I lay perfectly still in the dark.'Good,' I felt his arm move across and rest on my belly. I was in a fix, he was tantalising me, didn't he realise. 'You're so smooth,' his hot breath fanned my chest and his lips just gave me the suggestion of a little kiss... just a suggestion you understand but it was enough.'Be careful, Symon,' I croaked.'Why?' He giggled and this time he was a bit louder, he was fully awake. 'I saw the way you looked at me earlier on today...''Dunno what you mean.''Yes, you do, Pavlo. You know exactly what I mean.' This time his hand moved across my belly up and down and pausing at the waistband of my boxers. 'Poor Pavlo,' he whispered and this time rubbed his crotch up agaimnst mine and I could feel his stiff noodle press against mine. 'That is so big.' I think it was then that I nearly passed out, both his small hands came down between us and he grasped my solid flesh outlining it within my boxers. 'So big,' he hissed.I lost it, I reached out and clasped him tightly slipping my hands down his back and inside the top of his tight briefs cupping his small boy's bum firmly savouring the smoothness and the texture of his firm little bottom.'That's better,' he purred contentedly and slowly moved against me pressing against my cock and giving my chest little butterfly kisses. This kid was a little perv, his hands were now moving my penis inside my boxers and then his preteenboys ass models one hand slipped inside and grasped my hot flesh. 'Mmmmm... so big,' he repeated his mantra. 'Big Pavlo,' he chuckled preteens very preteens as I slipped his briefs down allowing his hot little cock free and allowing me to cup his tiny little cherubic buttocks.'Gawd,' I moaned. This was the first night and we had a whole two weeks to go. I had to bend to kiss him on the forehead but I felt him move and his lips found mine hungrily and savagely, well, about as savage as a rabbit but never mind. I understand rabbits like sex and I rolled onto my back taking him over on top so that he was laying on my belly. He shuffled upto continue the kiss and his bare legs and smooth thighs clamped on my cock which was now poking through the hole in my boxers.'Nice,' he whispered and gently moved as I stroked his back and caressed his tight yet soft bottom. This was almost child molestation but I was past caring, he'd started it and I'd finish, there would be no mercy now.I fucked upwards between his legs and he clamped harder and harder, I'd never fucked anyone but I felt like I was doing it now. Yeah, I know it sounds weird but I felt like I was fucking someone properly and it was happening. I could feel my balls tight and my hardness get even harder if that was possible.'Yeah, go on,' he grunted and the sweat now beading his brow dripped on me as we held this incredibly tight embrace and I felt my climax arrive. God alone knows how I didn't crack his ribs but I was past caring now. I felt the searing surge and then the pumping and burning as three or four mightly splats surged from my cock and flew up in the air. 'Pavlo, Pavlo,' he squealed amd giggled burying his face in the crook of my neck. 'You dirty...''What's up,' I moved slower preteen panties sexy now laura preteen models feeling my still hard meat slipping beween his cum coated thighs.'It landed on my back and bum,' he grinned but I could feel it on my hands and on his smooth applelike cheeks. I smeared it and rubbed it in as he wriggled I even managed to work one finger into his little crack but he clamped tight. No way was I getting onto his hole but I knew now what I wanted. This was the dirtiest I'd ever got but this kid was willing, he'd demostrated that clearly enough and preteen newsgroups we had a long holiday ahead of us... the main thing was I had a target and he sat on it. As they say in the films, his arse was grass and I was the mower man (I like that one).'Sorry about that,' I mumbled, I was now into the embarassment phase. To be honest I was ashamed and proud of myself at the same time, very confusing but he seemed to take it all in his stride. He slipped from me gingerly and grabbing a towel threw it at me and lay on his belly. 'You can wipe me off and you can play with my bottom if you want.''That's incredibly generous of you,' I laughed taken aback just a little bit by his cheek.'I know,' he sighed dramatically as if steeling himself for an ordeal and lay there opening his legs just a little parting his buttocks enough to see the dark spot in the centre of the shadow.'You've got a beautiful bum,' I muttered,. I know I spoke like a girl but what the hell, he knew me by now and he also knew my dirty secret. I wiped my cum off his flanks and from his back until he was clean and then balled the trowel slinging it amongst the rubbish, I could smuggle it into the laundry later. 'Beautiful,' I repeated kissing one smooth orb and then the other and then in a moment of madness driftled the point of my tongue from the bottom of his crack to his tailbone.'That's nice,' he slurred and opened his legs just a trifle more. I kissed him again and ran my tongue deeper and this time he gave a little whine. 'You've got to pay for that,' he giggled and quickly turned over. His little spike stuck up on his belly fully erect and a meaty little treat it was. I couldn't guess a measurement but his flippy floppy foreskin was just about gone and his little pink glans gleamed just visible peeping from it's tightly stretched hood. I couldn't resist, I grasped it and took the covering skin down and clear naked preteen vagina leaving his beautiful little knob fully exposed. 'Go on,' he whispered.I sank my mouth over his warm cocklet taking it right into the back of my throat and rubbing my nose against his smooth belly. Reaching under his body I clasped his soft cheeks pulling him into myself and slowly moved my head up and down sucking his hard and twitching noodle. He lay limp and motionless for a moment playing with my hair and then starting fucking up into my mouth, I clasped his little cheeks as they tensed never imagining for one minute that he'd achieve pre teen underwre anything other tham a twitch or two but suddenly he went frantic grabbing my head and shagging like a rancid little rabbit.'Oh, oh, oh...' he gasped and then I felt his boy's cock seem to harden even more and then teens preteens mature it jerked and I felt the salty splay of cum inside my mouth. Another moan and then another tiny dribble and he flopped.'Mmmm...' I smacked my li[ps and squeezed his dick like an empty tootpaste tube and saw an oooze of almost transparent cum dribble from the end. 'Nice,' I ducked my head and sucked the mess of the end off his dick and watched it relax.'Dirty bugger,' he giggled and pulled the bedding over us. preteen dance 'Do you like me, Pav?''Of course I do. I don't go around sucking people I don't like.''Good. I don't let people I don't like shag me,' he grinned and cuddled up. That, as they say, is a conversation stopper. We slept in each others arms and were still huddled under the bedding in tandem when my mother came into wake us in the morning.Talk about caught in the act and she didn't say a word. Well, she did: 'You can get your own breakfast... and tidy up this room before you disappear for the day.' That told us!We were generally wrecking the kitchen when dad walked in and made himself tea. 'I can drop you off at The Seagull if you want. I have a day surveying.''Really,' I laughed. 'The whole day?''Well, if I tow the dhingy you can paddle back when you like. Take some food and a couple of big waters. 'Oh, yeah. Take some sun tan stuff for Symon, he's not as tough as you.''Yes I am,' Symon scowled and my naturalist preteen nudes dad laughed.'Skinwise, Symon. You're lighter than Pavlo. He's got a skin like leather.''Cheers, dad.' I was in motion. 'Take your trunks or we can skinny dip out there,' I told Symon and started to raid the fridge and swag some other stuff. The Seagull was what we called our little local island for bbs preteen pussy some reason and handjob preteen it was great. It was about two kilometres offshore, we could sunbath and splash around in the sheltered cove and it was all completely private. It belonged to the Water Board but they didn't use it. The anal preteen movies campers and suchlike didn't bother unless they had decent dhingies, they'd never trust their kids it was just too far offshore.Symon preteen sex cartoons rushed into our bedroom and a couple of minutes later he came back dragging rather lairy Bermudas over tight black trunks, my hands were shaking as I watched him from the corner of my eye. A whole day in isolation with little Symon, anything could happen.Fifteen minutes later we were trudging down to the boathouse where dad's assistant was perched on the motor launch with all their little flasks and bottles.'Tie our dhingy on the stern, Pavlo,' dad went into his sailor mode and watched as I and Symon dragged our own rubber boat out, this was the family one and was quite large but easily manageable by two healthy boys. I used to paddle bare preteen bottoms over with my pals but being towed was better. Symon was like a big kid, well, then again he was a big kid and this was all a bit of an adventure for him. His dad must have been a strange one, Symon should be a lot more used to water being a Water Board brat.'Put all the stuff in the dhingy,' I ordered Symon. 'I'm captain for the day.''Big head.''That's not all that's big,' I dropped my voice.'Big head and conceited,' he gave a little smirkHalf an hour later we were beached and dad and his mate were off taking samples. I knew they'd take their time but he wouldn't bother about us. I'd often been abandoned with my friends and we always got back safely even if we did return with the dhingy upside down once. Of course, dad had to linger and take some pictures of us in our swimwear before going about his business.'You got your own island,' Symon wondered as we sat on some scattered rocks looking back to the beach and the holidaymakers gradually coming out to worship our summer sun.'It's not actually ours,' I laughed. 'But the holiday people aren't allowed on here officially but no one cares. It's too far for the adventurous ones, that's why I liked the tow. With the currents it's easier getting back than getting here so don't swim out too far. An inbound current makes preteen rape anime it nice and safe for the little ones.''Right, gotcha,' he fished a nonude preteen movies tiny crab from pool. Too much crap up our end,' he said sadly and I guessed he was talking about the pollution and dodgy stuff coming downstream from Chernobyl. By the time it got south of Kiev it would have been filtered and cleansed beyound comparison. 'So, captain... gonna show me around your little empire.''Come, little one.' Showing him around was easy, there was nothing to show. One small island with sand and gravel on the inshore side and scattered huge tit preteens rocks on the other then the long reach to the opposite shore. It was grassed but there were no animals although Symon was playing explorers or maybe big game hunters. There were three or four trees in the centre making a little shaded area and it was elevated enough under the trees to keep an eye on anyone nearing the place. In fact, this was the place I'd had my first circle jerk with my pals.'Going to be hot today,' Symon plucked at his long shorts. For some reason he'd decided to virgins models preteens splash around in them, more sensibly I'd already stripped to my classsy white costume which although looking like boxers were much tighter,. My mum said they were disgusting as they showed off all my bits when they were wet. My dad reckoned they were girl traps, poor man. I had as much interest in girls as I had in sheep and I wasn't a farmer or a Russian (English readers should translate Russian into Welshman or Kiwi).Symon mumbled something about drying his shorts and hung them over a low branch. He looked much better in his black trunks showing off his tight little bottom and a bit of a bulge, He was so sweet, I was salivating.'I'm still a bit tired after you mucking around last night,' he moaned and flopped out onto one of the big towels.'Cheeky,' I grinned and lay alongside him. It was nice up on the little rise and it was quite hot, it would get hotter as the day wore on but we had shade and we had cool water to splosh around in, what more could we want.'You're not too tired are you,' I whispered running a finger down his smooth gently rounded belly.'Not really,' he giggled and got to his feet. 'Come on, race ya!' He was off like a spindly legged young colt and I was off after him. We must have spent and hour in and out of the water. The home shore got busier but we were left alone, I kept him out of the deep water because of the current but that would only drag him to the home beach, the trouble was that unless you were a good swimmer you'd never get back.'Gerroff,' he yelled as I dunked him for the umpteenth time. 'Bully.''This is bully,' I shouted and grasping him behind the back and under the legs grabbed him and staggerd up the small beach into our little nook and dumped him on the towel. 'This is what you call bullying,' I dropped my head and nuzzled at his wet preteen list models trunks front and centre.'Stop it, stop it,' he squealed. 'I like it.' Suddenly he lay still and I felt his hands on my head playing with my wet hair. 'You ever fucked a boy, Pav?''No,' I glanced up his body and sucked his little rounded belly button but gently handled his wet groin. I could feel the softenness within hardening. 'I'm still waiting for my first lover.''You've done other things though?''Yeah, nothing serious.''Fancy anyone?' He looked at me and I knew what I had to say, I had to say what he wanted to hear, I could see it in his eyes. I moved up alongside him and kissed him on his nose.'Yeah, Sy... you.' Then I kissed him on his sweet lips and to my delight I felt his hand on the back of my neck pulling me in tighter.'Those swimmers of yours look awful,' he whispered.'I thought they were pretty cool.' I retorted slightly miffed.'Get 'em off,' he growled and then reached out clinging to me like one of those little crab things. 'Get 'em off,' he repeated. Well, I did but I also managed to get him naked as well. He did help out by the way and we lay down on the scanty grass fully naked on our thick towels. ukrainian preteen cuties 'That's better,' he sighed and relaxed in my arms.'Right,' I grinned. 'Dad said I had to put lotion on you, we don't want to let you get burnt.''Sounds iffy,' he grinned and moved away a little laying out spread out like a star fish. 'So... oil me.'I had a hurried rake about in the bags looking for the oil and found it. A nice long squirt of the white stuff from just under his chin all the way down to his noodle and I was in work. I crouched astride his narrow chest aware of his stiffy glancing across my bum and mine bouncing on his chest, I oiled his shoulders and under his arms, then down onto his narrow chest and his sides. As I moved down I first sat on his hardness giving a little wiggle and then moved down further so that I was astride his knees. I massaged the oil into his soft yielding waist and then his smooth belly and then onto a handful of stiff cock and squishy scrotum.'Aaah...' he moaned as I moved his foreskin up and down exposing his coral pink glans and then down between his legs probing under and he obligingly lifted his middle a bit until I had his little buttocks in my oiled hands. It was time. I moved down a little more and took his oiled cock into my mouth, at least the suntan lotion didn't taste too bad and his firm young meat tasted wonderful. As he had before he started to fuck into my mouth but this time I was prepared and lubed. I slipped one finger between his tight little cheeks and scored in one. 'Aaaaah...' he shrilled but I was in him thrusting into his tight little hole deep into his inner warmth and sucking away like a madman. He couldn't fight it, he subsided onto my finger and just lay there moaning and writhing as I felt around inside him and took his hard meat deep into my throat. 'I'm cuming,' he yelled and rammed up hard into my mouth and this time there were definite jets. Two of them, slippery and sweetly slimy and he flopped onto preteens pics x my finger still deep in his fanny. 'Oh, Pav...' he sighed and smiled tiredly as I covered his lips with mine transferring his boy cum into his mouth. 'I taste nice,' he giggled. 'Yeuchy but nice.''Sugar and spice and all things nice.' I grinned. 'Symon, I want...''Don't hurt me,' he'd read my mind and wriggling free from my finger rolled onto his belly. 'Oil my back.'I didn't believe what I'd heard, had he invited me, had he not. I decided to go for it. I did the same sort of squirt on his back as I'd one on his front. From his neck all the way down to his tailbone, his crack and his pure white bottom. Virginal I suppose but not for long assuming things went to plan. I rubbed the glop into his shoulders like I was massaging and squeezed and kneaded his flesh.'Mmmm...' he relaxed as I went down his back to his hips and moving back a bit got between his legs and rubbed the lotion on his little buttocks as tight as fresh apples. The more I rubbed the oil in the more he relaxed and his muscles eased. The great adventure had begun. I opened my legs which forced his apart and I slowly and ever so gently ran my fingers into his cleft annointing and brushing against his little ring. He flinched and tightened up again but once more relaxed as I squirted some more of the white gunk into his crack and delved deeper. I slipped a finger in and he didn't move this time japan model preteen even when I made gentle fucking motions right into my knuckle. 'That is so weird,' he giggled and pushed his tiny bottom up a little. I smeared some of my precum fron my knob and rubbed it into his crack, if I didn't get a fuck at least my sperm had gone inside him. 'Try two fingers,' he suggested but his voice shook just a little.I did as he asked and he groaned a little but as soon as I had two fingers inside and his ring preteen model soft stretched or eased just that little bit he was OK, three of four ninutes later I made my final move. I leant over him and kissed each tight and slippery fleshy orb.'Do it,' he ordered and I grinned, he was giving all the orders and I was supposed to be the seducer but no matter. I was going to take his cherry and he seemed resigned to it... no he didn't, he seemed quite happy with it. Weird kid for a supposed virgin, still we could sort that out later.I gave one final stir of the pot feeling his ring tight around my fingers but easier and maybe stretched more. darkcollection nude preteen I peeped, of course I did. As I slipped my fingers free his black hole and it was black closed slowly, I glimpsed a hint of inner red and the pucker sealed with sun tan lotion oozing. Not wanting to waste any more time I got up close with my legs spreading his and slid my bulging and now freely leaking knob at his ring.'Slowly,' he warned quite calmly and elevated his bottom just a little. I pushed forward with my heart in my mouth (think about that), this was my first time, my first boy, my first of any-bloody-thing and I entered him easily, so easily I was shocked. tori preteens models There was a slight resistance and then he clamped on me and groaned. This time it was different, his flesh fought me and I felt myself opening him up and I saw his fists clenching the towel. 'Stop, stop.' He muttered.I froze, I was in a panic, he'd opened up so easily and now this. 'You alright?' I whispered like I needed to preteen plump models on an island in the middle of a bloody great river resevoir.'Take it easy,' he groaned and I felt his body move on me as he did a bit of a wriggle and he pushed back. 'Go on, big dick.'I pushed again but preteen thong models this time I withdrew a bit hot preteen strip and preteens images samples then pushed again. I was fucking or I'd started to and as I moved into his slight body deeper and deeper he seemed to relax and at one stage was pushing up against me. At last my pubics touched his sweaty flesh and I knew I was almost in. One final shove from me and a bit of a push from him and my belly lay on his back.'On our side,' he grunted and I obliged. Then it began, holding his skinny body firmly and tightly I began to move inside his incredibly tight heat and he started to moan and groan but still pushed back all the time until I settled to a rythm and then he went under again. He went onto his belly and I plundered his tight little bottom until he pushed us up into a crouch like a pair of dogs but now he was totally relaxed and open and I was sliding in and out like a well oiled piston.At last he said it: 'Harder,' he croaked and I began the final assault on his little private fortress, his honey pot, his boy fanny... pick fucking for preteens a name. I was shagging his little arse and he was enjoying it. Every time I rammed in he pushed back until our bodies were meeting in a chorus of sweaty thwacks and moans and groans child preteen nymphet from both of us.'I'm cuming,' I sobbed.'Thank fuck for that,' he laughed shakily as I wanked at his now revitalised penis. 'Harder...' This came out as a groan and the shoved back onto me as I came.I felt my penis swell and preteen girl watersports then throb and then almost a pumping as I felt my searing spunk shoot up my shaft and explode into his body. He sighed and pushed back harder as I squirted again and then for the third time and then slowy moved in and out on my own cum shattered and drained. It was the best ejaculation I could remember upto then and my very first inside anyone let alone maxwells preteen girls another boy. We slowly subsided onto the towels and I was still in him limpening but still moving.'That feels so messy,' he laughed nervously and pushed back onto me again sealing us together. 'Was it good?''Fantastic. Return question... was it good for you?' I felt like an idiot asking but candid preteen photos it was a thing I had to do. If he said it was rotten, filthy and it hurt he'd have destroyed me but he didn't.'Yeah, alright I suppose. preteen sites illegal I'm a bit sore but leave it in.' Christ, this kid was a mass of contradictions. one minute he was begging me to fuck him harder then he claimed it was 'alright', I couldn't make him out.'Mmmmm...' I kissed and nuzzled his sweaty neck and stayed joined.'Now this is nice,' he craned his head around searching for a kiss. 'We can do it later without all the mess,' he said quite calmly. 'But I want to do you as well.''No probs.' young preteen tpg I was delighted. I wasn't concerned with his three and a bit inch spike and the thought of doing it in preteen boys portal the comfort of our own bed was getting me hard again.'Not today though,' he giggled and slid free in a gush of cum. I hastily mopped his little crack and he had a fit of the giggles but it was one up on a fit of crying. 'Yeah, it was good,' he whispered avoiding my eyes as we cuddled on the hard ground. 'It hurt at first but I didn't say anything.''Brave little soldier,' I kissed his sweet lips.'Brutal rapist,' he countered and looked at me intently. 'Who else do you play preteen fuck moovie around with? How old are they?''Er... Andrij, he's fourteen and away on holiday. Taras and Tomko, they're brothers one fourteen and one twelve.''Which one's twelve?''Tomko, a bit bigger preteen pix xxx than you and and a blonde, Taras is as tall as me and darker haired.''Mmm...''Thinking dirty thoughts, little one?''Yeah, if one's on holiday it leaves two. Two and two make four.' He looked cheerful. 'What have you done with them?''Nosey.''Come on, we are boyfriends, we've done it now.''Alright. We'd done a mutual wank on this island...''Is that all, did you do each other? Wank each other, I mean.''Yeah, I forget,' I waffled not wanting to tell him too much. I did little Tomko and he did me and I think Taras and Andrij did each other.''Great,' he grinned.'I'll phone them tonight and ask them around tomorrow, they just live by the store, so they can walk over. If dad's got another day on survey we can go over the island or worstways have a ride around the dunes.''Great,' he snuggled in again. He'd said his bit and it was pretty clear he wanted to play, the kid was a sex pot but I could use him to open up Taras and Tomko. They'd pics preteen cumshot still be here after he'd gone home and if he wanted to use me, well, it cut both ways as long as we both got something from the deal.Dad gave us a call on his way back in and we returned shortly after. Symon had caught the sun a bit and needless to say I got flak for that but he actually stood up for himself this time so it blew over as these things do. After supper we retired to my room and preteen cheerleader galleries spent most of the night on the computer, Symon was a sucker for pictures of nude boys and it seemed the bigger the better. After individual baths we settled down, I'd phoned Taras and Tomko and they would be over after breakfast, we would play the day by ear and I was expecting great things. I quite fancied Taras who was a little younger than I was and far smaller than myself but time would tell.Bedtime came at last but I think we were both a little played out to do anything to energetic.'Sleep, little one,' I yawned and stretched in the bed and he clung to me sighing contentedly.'Who's child preteen pic this Czech guy and what's he bringing Kraut kids for?''Questions, questions.' preteen modelling thong I groaned. 'Zervo and his pal are coming in a dream preteens nude few days, they take naturist pictures and they're bringing a couple of German kids to mix'n match with the preteen image nn locals, as easy as that.''Do you do preteen pussy spanking stuff for them?''I did last year and they'll hardly stay here and not use me... I hope.''Do they pay?' I saw his eyes gleam in the half light.'Yeah, not a lot but it get's you leaping about nudey with pals illegal preteen angel and that can always lead to something better.''Yeah,' he gave a chuckle that could almost be called preteen g strings evil. 'I wonder if he'd ask me or am I too young.''We'll see,' I cuddled him. 'I think you're sweet anyway.''So do I,' he snuggled in and we drifted off. preteen bbs cracks The soap continues.'God or Goat' ..... 'A boy is a cross between a god and a goat' (Anon) Sorry about that but I just liked the quotationOskar and Tommy heading for Tripolji and Pavlo and Symon waiting. I think it time for the Germans and Russians to get a bit friendlier. Woops, don't forget Taras and Tomko.Some screencaps and stills of the boys
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